Political psychopath wreaks havoc with Labor

Last Sunday I attended a service at Ingleburn army camp to commemorate the thousands of servicemen and women who gave their lives in defence of our freedom in World War 11.  A sentence in the prayer for Australia read by the army chaplain included a verse to ‘direct the hearts and minds of those who will be entrusted with the government of our Country.’

One can only wonder what these veterans would think of the current status of ‘those entrusted with the government of our Country’ in Canberra today.

The current Federal Labor Government is a joke.  They exist because two country clowns, Rob Oakshott and Tony Windsor, betrayed their conservative electorates; Peter Slippery ratted on his Liberal constituents; Andrew Wilkie is obsessed with poker machine addicts; and Craig Thompson is protected by our political-legal system for allegedly using his union credit card to hire prostitutes.

Overseeing this rabble is the master puppeteer, Bob Brown, who leads a mob of Australia-hating communists disguised as Green enviro-evangelists.

Not even King Solomon could pretend to hold such a mob of political misfits together.

And now we have a political psychopath using a social style of celebrity politics to ambush the Party that entrusted him with the political opportunity of a lifetime.  Queenslanders provided a portent of his character when they labelled him ‘Dr Death’ as a result of his stint as Director-General in their State Government.  His maiden speech provided another omen when his ‘working class’ credentials were exposed as a fabrication.  Mark Latham, who worked with him in the Labor caucus, observed that the more people knew about Kevin Rudd the less they liked him.

It was always going to be a matter of time before Australian voters saw through the facade of Rudd’s carefully crafted public persona.  His Labor colleagues were well aware of his tyrannical megalomania and judged that enough was enough before the end of his first term.

Unfortunately Julia Gillard did not live up to the promise she had shown up till then.  She was heavily scripted by Labor’s spinmeisters who did their best to justify their unprecedented coup against a sittin Prime Minister.  When this failed they tried to revert to the real Julia but by then even she didn’t seem to know who that was.  We have seen a glimpse of this in some feisty performances since Rudd launched his challenge against her.

After Julia trounces Rudd in the leadership ballot he should do what spoilt nerds do when they don’t get their way – take his bat and ball and leave politics.


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  1. Tom says:

    Craig Emerson?

  2. Charlie says:

    Thanks Tom – my apologies to Craig Emerson – I’ve corrected the post to read Craig Thompson.

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