Labor’s Mad Hatter confirms Camden is city and Campbelltown is country

Linda Burney’s comments on a private letter I wrote to the Parliamentary Remuneration tribunal indicate that Labor has not learned what issues are important for the State of NSW.

As Deputy Opposition Leader she needs to stop trawling through the political entrails of Labor’s rotting carcass and raise her head above the smoking wreck she and her fellow rorters left behind.

Burney’s comments are deliberately misleading. My letter to the judge in charge of the Parliamentary Remuneration Tribunal was to seek clarification of their rationale that led them to declare that Campbelltown (which is 50 km from Sydney on the city side of the Nepean River) is now country, and Camden (which is 70 km from Sydney on the country side of the Nepean River), in now city.  Not even Alice could explain this judicial anomoly to the Mad Hatter!

Linda Burney’s pathetic attempt to re-ignite the embers of Labor’s class war is symptomatic of their position in the polls.  It might well be part of the cafe conversation amongst her inner-city elites but it doesn’t wash with battlers trying to keep their heads above water after Burney, her factional mate, Ian McDonald, and their Ministerial mates rorted and trashed our economy.  Burney was right up the front of Labor’s gravy train without a single squeak about their waste and mismanagement.  What a hypocritical grubette she is!

Linda Burney is not only out of touch with voters beyond her inner-city pad – she is also out of touch with her former working class colleagues who lived west of the Nepean River.  She has obviously not yet learned the reality of life beyond the tinted windows of her taxpayer funded limosuine.

Burney’s revelation that ‘Camden is not exactly Narrabri or Broken Hill’ is hardly news.  Members who live further west in those areas have always received a higher allowance to compensate them for living in Sydney during Parliamentary sitting periods as they should.  It beggars belief that she was not aware of that.

Labor deserves better than Linda Burney in a leadership role.  The Liberals can only hope she stays in the job.

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